Week 2 – No Coincidences

Ah, another who sees that there are no coincidences in life. I believe there are Divine Appointments – we’re all connected and all on this fabulous journey together! Today’s guest blog is from the wonderful Cristin:

Week 2- Setting Intentions

Saturday, October 8, 2016

As I have mentioned before, I am currently taking the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course (MKMA). This class is teaching us how to train our subconscious mind to take action towards our dreams, goals, life purpose, whatever it is we want now. I absolutely love this class. But before I tell you why, I want to tell you how I learned of this course, as I believe that this course came to me as part of my intentions.

First of all, I was not looking for this class. As noted above, this class came to me. If this last year has taught me anything, it has taught me that the appropriate resources will present themselves at just the right time. Continue . . .

2016 Week 1 – Ready to Go!

In getting ready for the 2016-2017 class, I re-read my blogs from Week 1 through commencement of 2014 when I was a student.  I wanted to refresh myself on how I felt as a new MKMMA member, while waiting for my new Tribe to assemble in my in-box.

It was a profound experience because as the weeks and months progressed I remembered going through all kinds of emotions as the “new me” struggled to emerge.  And struggled, and struggled.

There’s nothing like it,  – this “becoming” of who you are – not who someone else thinks you are or thinks you should be.   Millions of folks through the years have lived lives of quiet desperation because of other people “should-ing” on them to the point they have no idea who they are or what they want out of life.

Hundreds of new members decided they were worth the investment and have just started learning to become self-directed thinkers. I’m excited to again be a Cerified Guide shining the light so others can find their path, and follow it to their true bliss! Follow my blog or any of the hundreds that are starting to be published, and see the transformations over the next six months.  Then take the plunge yourself!  Change your life!

Do You Need More?

It’s not just me!  Hundreds of people for years can attest to the value of the Master Key Experience.  You can’t buy it – scholarship only!  Applications open soon!

Leave me your best email and I’ll notifiy you when it’s go-time!   There’s nothing like it!


#MKE, #NothingLikeIt – The Boss on Radio!

Hey  – Quick update.  Mark Januszeweski, best selling author, and whom I loving refer to as “Boss” , is going to be featured TODAY on the Tom Chenault show  -(3 pm for my midwest buddies).  Read a quick bio on the link above and tune in.

He’s got lots of background in a bunch of stuff – including selling seafood out of a truck – mktruckbut what I love him for is the MasterKey Experience – which changed my life and has helped hundreds of people.

Listen in today if you can – and leave me your best email to be notified when Scholarship applications open for the 2016-17 class starting soon.  It only comes once a year and it can’t be bought!

Loving my life!!  Nancy O

You Know That Time When. . .

You know that time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through facebook and all of a sudden you’re talking to yourself?  I KNOW!  It’s so startling!  To some of you, it happens all the time, but me?  Nope.  Not until my friend Davene posted this the other day:

So what does standing on the island have to do with the Master Key Experience changing my life?

Long story, short – –  before I took the class, I was gripped by fear because I listened to people telling me who and what I was all my life.   Before the class, I would never have considered flying to Kauai to spend hours, days, and over a week with people I don’t know, doing things I’ve never done!  Standing on the island was my Victory Lap after doing the work to slay my dragons! The MKE showed me how to break off the cement that others had burdened me with, so that I can find who God created me to be and what He wants me to do with my life.

Another example – this video.  We were at a beautiful  garden waiting to start our evening of a lovely meal followed by great entertainment, when the aforementioned Davene, (video recorder in hand) called my name.  I trotted over to where she was, she asked me to say a few words about the class – and BAM – I did.  No hesitation, no refusal, no fixing my crooked shirt, no nothing except instant response.  Ta-da!

If I’d had a second to prepare, I would have added that that class is for anyone who wants to become more productive, eliminate procrastination, adjust their attitude, improved their mental, spiritual and emotional state, and find out what they heck they are supposed to be doing to live their best, fulfilled life! And I would have fixed my shirt! (hehehe)

Class starts soon!  Change your life (you know you want to – this is the time!)  I’ll let you know when the application process opens – leave your best email below:

…and if that silly sign-up form publishes more than one copy (which it often does) – well, that doesn’t bother me anymore either! Thanks! Go be kind to someone!