You Know That Time When. . .

You know that time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through facebook and all of a sudden you’re talking to yourself?  I KNOW!  It’s so startling!  To some of you, it happens all the time, but me?  Nope.  Not until my friend Davene posted this the other day:

So what does standing on the island have to do with the Master Key Experience changing my life?

Long story, short – –  before I took the class, I was gripped by fear because I listened to people telling me who and what I was all my life.   Before the class, I would never have considered flying to Kauai to spend hours, days, and over a week with people I don’t know, doing things I’ve never done!  Standing on the island was my Victory Lap after doing the work to slay my dragons! The MKE showed me how to break off the cement that others had burdened me with, so that I can find who God created me to be and what He wants me to do with my life.

Another example – this video.  We were at a beautiful  garden waiting to start our evening of a lovely meal followed by great entertainment, when the aforementioned Davene, (video recorder in hand) called my name.  I trotted over to where she was, she asked me to say a few words about the class – and BAM – I did.  No hesitation, no refusal, no fixing my crooked shirt, no nothing except instant response.  Ta-da!

If I’d had a second to prepare, I would have added that that class is for anyone who wants to become more productive, eliminate procrastination, adjust their attitude, improved their mental, spiritual and emotional state, and find out what they heck they are supposed to be doing to live their best, fulfilled life! And I would have fixed my shirt! (hehehe)

Class starts soon!  Change your life (you know you want to – this is the time!)  I’ll let you know when the application process opens – leave your best email below:

…and if that silly sign-up form publishes more than one copy (which it often does) – well, that doesn’t bother me anymore either! Thanks! Go be kind to someone!

MasterKey Live – 2016

Many who know me knew it was a really big deal that we went to Kauai on July 22.  Most asked why we were going, and I told you it was a work conference thing.  I’m sure a lot of you were thinking, “What does going to a conference in Kauai have to do with coding medical records?”  Absolutely nothing!!!   I went to Kauai because I’ve found my passion and the best way I know to follow it!I haven’t talked much about the journey of personal discovery and growth I’ve been on for the last two years, but the short version is:  I’ve Changed My Life!

Through Divine circumstances, beginning with a decision in 2013 to join a network marketing company,  I became a much different person than I was before.  I applied for and was awarded a “pay it forward” scholarship to the 2014-15 Master Key Master Mind Alliance – (from here on referred to as the Master Key Experience or MKE).

I learned and stretched and grew and changed on the inside, and those changes started showing up on the outside.  No, I don’t have fewer wrinkles, and no, I didn’t look 15 years younger – BUT, I did unburden myself of beliefs and labels that had been attached to me by others my whole life and I am becoming the person God meant for me to be when He created me!  BAM!

A big part of that was letting go of fear – (and dumping the idea that I had to do network marketing) so Bryan and I got on a plane, flew across the ocean and spent nine glorious days doing things I’ve never done before with people I’ve never met (except some on-line).  I offered rides in my car to strangers who are now friends; I stood at the western most tip of the United States to watch the sunset. I took a catamaran ride and swam in the ocean, woke up early to watch the sunrises with new friends, became very vulnerable during the first conference session by sharing an amazing realization, was interviewed on camera, and on, and on, and on, and on – without hesitation or fear!

None of this would have been possible without the MKE and the hands-on coaching I received.  I wish I would have known this 30 years ago – but I KNOW IT NOW, and I won’t spend time grieving over lost opportunities.  I’m now spending my time as a MKE Guide, helping others to find their own breakthroughs, so they can become heroes in their own lives – and I love it!

This course is only offered once a year, on a scholarship basis, and it’s coming soon!   To receive no-obligation information, let me know you’re interested:

Whatever is not right with your life – relationship problems, business issues, procrastination, spiritual,  emotional, motivational struggles, WHATEVER!! can be improved.  Starting NOW! IMG_2037c

Imagine, If You Will

Summertime!  What comes to mind?  Warm weather, fun in the sun, traveling, having a blast?  You bet – summer is great!

But imagine, if you will – what all that fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun, would be like if you were  mentally and emotionally hog-tied.  What if that once-in-a-lifetime invitation to the coolest wedding ever came?  It’s your dear friend’s daughter – you’ve known her since before she was born.  She’s getting married out-of-town at a great destination, it will be a full weekend of activities and good times –  and instead of being excited, fear and panic gripped your soul?

How fun would that be?  Would anxiety keep you up at night, because you want to go so badly, but you don’t dare.  It’s too scary,  you don’t look right, your clothes aren’t right, you are too fat, your hair is stupid and won’t behave.  You will be with strangers. What will they think?  What will you say to them?  What if you have to sit next to someone you don’t know at dinner?  That goes on for weeks until the RSVP is due to be sent back. What do you do?  What do you do?What do you do??  Go, no – Go, no – Go. . . ?  No.   You decline.   Phew!  That feels better.  For the moment.  Then you see the pictures on facebook, you get that sweet thank-you from her wishing you could have been there.  And you sit and cry over missing yet another wonderful part of life.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Welcome to what my life was before a series of Divine appointments  (I don’t believe in coincidences) led me to the 2014 session of the Master Key Experience.  Thank goodness it is web-based course (didn’t have to see people or talk if I didn’t want to).  Thank goodness it is a scholarship-only program (so I could afford it).  Thank goodness after about six weeks I started to trust Mark J and the Fab D, because they are better than their word at delivering the goods.

But they will decline the praise for my success and tell you –  It was me – doing the work.  And they are right .  And it is work.  And it’s not easy.  The MKE showed me how to rewire my brain.  I learned that, and so many, many other things that changed my life.   “Changed your life?” you say.  “How do you know it changed your life?”

Because, boys and girls, I’m leaving in the morning for Memphis, Tennessee to spend the weekend celebrating my good friend’s daughter’s wedding.  I’m still fat and my hair still doesn’t behave, and I’m not sure my clothes will be right , but I’m going to Memphis, I’m going to have a blast, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people and learning about their lives. Bam!  That’s change right there, baby!

Whether your business sucks, your relationships suck, your job sucks, you suck, life in general sucks, it can change.  If you do.  Come on – next session starts in September.  We’ll show you the way (yes, I said WE, because my life changed so much, I joined the team!)

 Leave me your best email and I’ll get you started on your new life now – and let you know when scholarship applications are available later this summer.   You’ll see three short videos later that help explain more about the course, and then you can decide.  What do you have to lose (besides the sucky parts of your life!)

Monumental Problems? How To Successfully Overcome Fuzzy Focus.

So.  How’s your focus?  And how does that make you feel?  If someone would have asked me that a few years ago, I would have answered, “Crappy and crappy,” and then thrown in a pile of negativity on top!

I felt like I was fumbling around in a fog most of the time.  I was proficient at procrastination.  I would start a project or a chore and my focus would  shift      away to something else, leaving my brain, my body, and my surroundings in wrack and ruin.    I could do what I had to do –  but the rest of my life was adrift.  And you know what?  I was given permission by the world to be that way – “Oh, you’ve got ADD.”  “You have social anxiety disorder.” “You’ve got chemo-brain, it’s ok.”  I used to think that a good excuse is a valuable thing.   It’s not.

You want to know how I overcame those excuses?  I learned that I have to be before I can do, and I can only do to the extent that I am, and what I am depends on my thoughts.  The writer of the Proverbs was correct, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  (Prov 23:7)  BAM!  Truth bomb right there!

I overcame fuzzy focus by NOT repeatedly telling myself I had ADD, that people scare me, and I have chemo-brain.  Stop the negative and substitute the positive!  I knew what I had lost over the past number of years by that kind of thinking, and could not even begin to find my way out of the fog.  But, if I changed how I thought,  what did I have to gain?   If the reward is elimination of procrastination, I could do a simple thing like repeating a phrase 25 times a day.  If the reward is to stop being afraid of people, I can make a simple switch in what I say to myself.  If I wanted to stop drifting in my life, and find a purpose, I can work with my personal guide to find and acheive that purpose! And so that’s what I did.   Yay!

So what’s fuzzy in your life?  What is suffering because of a lack of focus – relationships with your spouse and children?  Is your business suffering? Have your friendships drifted away?  Is your physical, mental and spiritual life in chaos?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Then join us in September on the journey to a new and different you.  Leave me your best email

 and I’ll notify you when the next MasterKey Experience scholarships open – because you can’t buy the new you – it’s offered by scholarship only!

When I changed the way I looked at things, the things I looked at changed!

The Secret to Reaching Your Goals

Many books, articles and blog posts are written every year about how to reach whatever goals you have in life, to do the best you can in life, to be the best you can be in business, in relationships, in parenting, etc..   They all sound good and have some truth to them, but even though you start with the best intentions, your efforts usually fall short, leaving you sad, mad, and feeling so bad about yourself!

Goal setting is something we need to do if we’re going to gain any traction in our lives. We can do the same old, same-old every day and you know what they say, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got,” – which is being stuck without progress toward our hoped-for acheivement.

It’s time to shake it up!   Here’s the secret – it is not mysterious, unknown, or undisclosed. The secret is:   There is no secret!   No hocus-pocus, no magic wand – no dozens of  memes and platitudes taped to your monitor. It’s very simple – but not always so easy. You need a goal, a plan to go with it, a process to lead you to the target and a Master Mind to be with you all the way! That’s it.   Bam!

But, wait – there’s more!   You have to do the work.  Yep – no instant fix for years of procrastination, bad habits and wishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’ that something will be different.  YOU must first be different before your life is different. . .

. . .do you want some good news?  Your life can be different in six short months.  The procrastination – gone.!  The self-doubt – gone.!   The fear of_________ (whatever) – gone, Gone, GONE!!

But – this intense, web-based, hands-on training can’t be bought at any price.  It is available only by scholarship, and the course is only offered once a year – starting at the end of September.  If your ambition is to meet all those objectives in life that you haven’t quite gotten a grip on thus far, I encourage you to take a step in a positive direction – I’m happy to get you on the list for early notification for the 2016-2017 Master Key class.  Leave me a comment with your best email below so you’ll receive links to three short videos introducing you to the class later this summer.  You can watch and decide if 2016 is going to be the year you take control of your life!